What was old is now new…Rant mode engaged!

What was old is now new…Rant mode engaged!

Watching my FB feed and the news, seeing all of the protests and people screaming “Trump is not my President”. Then you have the other side getting all in your face that everyone should just except this election and move on. Is that move on like you did when Obama was elected? Same people different story. I am not really all that sorry that your butt hurt over not everyone loving the idea of a Trump Presidency. Get over it! Move on!

When Obama was elected it was “He is never going to be my President, that Kenyan, American hating Commie”. I heard worse over the last eight years. Some of you may try and pretend that you didn’t say these things but I remember it really well. They didn’t get over it or move on. The same people that called anyone that didn’t go lock step with everything that President Bush proposed. If you weren’t pro Bush you were a “Traitor”.

The news media did us a great disservice for the last year. But the news has been in decline for decades. No candidate in my memory has received so much free press. Trump didn’t need to spend money on a lot of things because the news, both local and national gave him all the air time he needed. You see it was good for ratings. It didn’t matter if it was something crazy Trump said or something really good. We had Trump coverage almost 24/7 for about a year. And conversely for the first half of this year all we had was negative coverage about Clinton. I heard more times about how dishonest she was, with absolutely no facts to back it up, then I heard about what color of suit pants she wore. And I heard about that a lot also. Did we get subjected to hours and hours of coverage about what color of tie Trump wore? All answer for you, no!

The GOP started the whole email bullshit with the exclusive intent to damage Clinton. Doubt me? When the most recent disclosure came out about some emails found on someone else’s computer it was all, Hilary is a Liar. These emails will prove it!!!! And it didn’t matter that the emails weren’t on her computer, or that anything was on them. It was all Clinton is a liar. And the media followed along with it, without verifying anything. Talk about disgusting!

Or how NAFTA was all Bill Clinton’s fault. Even though itwas Bush elder that negotiated the entire deal and signed it before Bill got into office. But even aside from that, it was congressional Republicans that wanted NAFTA in the first place. The Dems didn’t like it at all. Most Dems don’t like any of these free trades treaties. But suddenly it is the Dems fault when jobs get shipped overseas. In part because of the trade agreements made it easier but also because regulations are bad. All regulations. You know the ones that help us keep our water and air clean. Yes, those regulations are bad. If we get rid of those bad regulations companies will come back and bring more jobs. The jobs moved because even though the transportation costs are added on, the labor is just that much cheaper in the third world. In some regards it did have to do with environmental rules. Some countries don’t care if you pollute. Well they don’t care yet, but when they don’t have any clean water and the air is toxic, then maybe they will care. But it is those pesky regulations that companies hate.

When many of you are more afraid of two loving consenting adults than you are of a rapist. When the color of someones skin matters more than if they are a good person. Or when religion matters more to you than …. Oh fuck it. Never mind. I am never going to change a closed mind. Facts be damned.

I am proud of the things my country does well, I am ashamed of the things we do poorly. But, just because I am not proud of everything thing we do as a country, it doesn’t make me a traitor or anti American. It makes me a realist. I care enough about our country to admit that we aren’t always that great. And I will always work to make us a more perfect union. Tough shit if you don’t agree with me. It is my opinion after all.

Dems and more particularly Liberals are easy targets in this country. They aren’t called bleeding heart liberals for nothing. Liberals in general care about the world they live in. They want to help lift everybody up. Sometimes at the cost of themselves. I would aspire to be that type of person. Someone that searches for the just and the good. Someone that reaches out a helping hand.
My friends know that no matter what, I will be there. My friends of color, my friends that are LGBT, my friends that are of any or no religion, and my friends that are apolitical or very active fighting for your causes. To be my friend just means you return my affection and kindness. And that you treat my friends as I would treat them. It’s really that simple.

Yes, Trump will be President. I am ever hopeful that things really do get better. Unlike many, I won’t cheer for Trump to fail. I hope that the solutions he tries work. I probably won’t agree with a lot of what he does. But I just don’t know yet. Our country is not great. But it could be. Time will tell.

This election didn’t change who I am so much as it showed me what kind of world I really live in. I will do my best in between rants to continue to be the “nice guy” for as long as I can. Maybe all of us “nice” people can join together and no matter our differences we can finally change things for the better.

Dan Powers
November 10 2016