Nothing changes………….

Couple of things I read recently really kind of pissed me off. One was a typical Republican talking point and the other was one of the Liberal talking points.

The Republican didn’t want some left coast liberal elite electing the President. They had a new found respect for the Electoral College and all that it represents to save them from those New York and California Liberals.

The other was a Liberal saying how he didn’t want some flyover red neck hick to have their vote mean more than his did in California or New York.

Oh Yes, the divide in our country is strong and wide. But here is the thing. I think the views of both of them should matter. Equally. But I also don’t want the high population coasts to determine everything without input from the heartland.

I have lived in two places my entire life. Colorado and Minnesota. Let me tell you, we aren’t just flyover land! From the fiercely independent upbringing I received in Colorado to the tough as nails life I have seen here in Minnesota, our lives are more different than anything you would find in Manhattan or Los Angeles and just as important.

I can hear the daily messages coming from the rural people about how those liberal elite are ruining the country. How liberals want to take their guns. They want to stop the mining, farming, harvesting. Our taxes are too high and we don’t get anything for the taxes we pay. Our roads are horrible and they want to build some stupid light rail that costs a fortune and is a huge waste of tax payer money that could be better spent building our roads. They never take our concerns seriously and we are ignored.

Then I hear from my liberal friends how those backwoods red neck hicks just don’t understand the world. They ruin the land with their pesticides and herbicides, they raise animals inhumanly. And all they want to do is destroy the wilderness with no regard to the future. Those gun toting bible thumping red necks and how they are ruining the country.

I could add a bunch more things to both lists. I hear enough of it living near the city with my heart still in the mountains and the country. Tell me this isn’t true. That you don’t hear these things or that you don’t say them and I would say you were being dishonest with yourself or me.

It is just as important to build roads and bridges, as it is to fund schools. And it is also just as important to find ways to use the abundant resources we have available in this country and do it in a responsible way. We could do these things if we bothered to listen to each other. If we bothered to work together. But instead we just pick sides and scream at each other. We ignore the truths because the other side said them. We even accept lies and deception as long as it is our side that wins in the end.

Here’s the thing. Fuck you both for not listening to each other. Fuck you both for being such hard headed assholes. It isn’t and has never been liberal vs conservative, us vs them. If we don’t work together we lose!