Mr President

I want a President that realizes that since we have given up our manufacturing base and much of our technology base, that we need to as a nation find another way forward.
Someone that recognizes that if we reduced our military budget to half or less than what it currently is, we would still be spending more than the rest of the top ten countries in the world. And using that money in three very basic and nation strengthening ways. 1) Increase our infrastructure spending by doubling it. Which includes schools as well as roads and bridges. 2) Paying off our long term debt. Which will allow us as a country to be much more flexible and robust. And lastly 3) expanding our space program. Nott just doubling it but a factor of 10 or 100.
I know many people think our government shouldn’t be involved at all with things like a space program. But if we wait much longer to really take the initiative someone else will jump ahead of us. We will forfeit all of the technology gains, profit, resources, territory that we so desperately need to keep our country strong. Are we going to sit back and collectively do nothing and let the rest of the world take that next step? Are we going to permanently become a consumption society and forget about building and doing for ourselves? Then we will doom ourselves to become a second tier country. Not worthy to lead the world, much less lead it into the next frontier.
We are if nothing a frontier country. And the next step in our evolution as a country and as a people will require bold steps. We need someone that is willing to look beyond the next election cycle and see the long term future. Future expansion included new markets, materials and land. Land that is not occupied by anyone yet.

As a country we need to make the next step to being more. And I want a President or at least a Presidential candidate that sees the potential of what could be. A President that can inspire us to do more than dream. Someone that inspires us to reach for the stars and boldly go forward.
The US is perfectly set up to lead the world in this regard. If we are brave enough to move beyond the pettiness that is dragging us down. If we are strong enough to take the next step. If we are smart enough to realize that we have so much more we can do, beyond fighting for resources on this ever more fragile world.

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