From the front lines

Imagine an orange.

Warning…. long sciency post 🙂

The outer skin, several distinct layers. Inside slices grouped together to form a rough circle. Inside the slices are juice packets (carpels) connected by a network of veins, and sometimes a seed nestled amongst the juice packets. And in the center, connecting everything from the bud scar, to the skin, the juice packets, the veins and the seeds is the central stalk.

The orange to me is like a representation of our physical universe. Each slice, with its skin and carpels, a vague example of our three dimensional universe. Depth, width, breadth, all represented in each piece.

And according to some of the new theories, one call string theory or one variation of string theory, “M” theory, the universe is composed of either 11 or 31 dimensions. But as the universe came into being with the big bang, the shape of space folded. With the three spatial dimension expanding to become the universe we experience.

What happened to the remaining dimensions? Some theories are that they became very small. So small in fact that we could not observe them at all. But even though they are beyond our ability to observe they are a still a part of this universe. In fact our entire universe is still connected to these other dimensions. No matter how small they got.

So much like the orange slices meeting in a center, our universe meets in one dimensional center. In my own head I call it the “Dimensional Nexus”. The nexus of the spatial and non-spatial dimensions.

At this point those of you that don’t like math and science are probably just seeing, blah, blah, blah, science gobbledygook. I probably lost most of my friends that don’t like math and science about the point I mentioned the word universe in the third sentence. And for the rest of you if you haven’t heard this theory before it probably sounds like I am making it up. But taken down to a basic level this is one of the more prominent theories of the structure of the universe.

Why I mention this, well…. It is a cold November day and my mind is firing strange. So deal with it 😉

But aside from that, this theory has several amazing possibilities that potentially happen.

You have probably heard about Worm holes, well one part of this theory would make travel from one part of the universe to any other part of the universe, instantaneously. Not so much as the blink of an eye, but more like stepping from one room into another. But those rooms could be an infinite distance apart.

The tricky part obviously is getting the connections to line up. It would impossible to pick just one spot out of the entire universe without some type of marker or sign post. I envision some high energy finger touching the dimensional nexus. Identifying its place with a unique code. Then when you know the code you can identify that one place in the whole universe and connect a doorway or hallway or whatever you imagine, so that those two places can in essence be like the sides of a coin. One side in our location the other side at the receiving location.

Aside from the technological needed to create the doorways, the other limiting factor would be identifying the place you would want to go. You could send ships as fast as you could make them heading in every direction and your sphere of travel would expand as fast as those initial ships were able to travel. You could drop your dimensional marker beacons at any point along that journey. Allowing materials and people to travel instantly to that point. Within decades we could have people on planets around other stars.

According to folklore, Sir Isaac Newton had a revelation about his theory of gravity from an apple falling from a tree. Maybe my idea of an orange could help us take the next step in our understanding of the universe.

Dan Powers

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