Lately even though I agree with the majority of one side I still feel like the short story by William Tenn called the Liberation of Earth.

“The story is told from the point of view of the future descendants of the humans that were nearly annihilated by throughout the course of these constant “liberations”. Each alien race convinces the inhabitants of Earth to assist them in their war against the other race, always making sure to paint themselves as the force of good and the opposing race as the evil aggressors. When the Earth is then “reliberated” by the other alien race, the inhabitants of Earth are reproached for having believed the lies told by their previous occupiers. This cycle of liberation and re-liberation continues until the Earth is left a shell of its former self. During the course of the occupation, most of the human race has been killed, its ecosystem has been destroyed, and the planet’s unstable orbit threatens to fling them all into space. The future inhabitants of Earth barely resemble their human ancestors, leading desperate lives on a ravaged planet, and ran from “water puddle to distant water puddle, across the searing heat of yellow sand”, “sucked air”, and “frantically grabbed at clusters of thick green weed”.

We have two sides Democrats and Republicans fighting an endless war trying to forever liberate us from the evils of the other.
When will this hyper partisan time change so we can actually move our society forward.

We should be in an enlightened time. Instead we seem to be battling to find the bottom of the barrel. Shame really.

Mr. President, if you want to make America great again I have a few suggestion. Invest twice as much in education, twice as much in infrastructure, triple our investment in Science and Arts, and maybe half our spending on the military. Even at those levels our military will be getting more than any other country by a long shot and our infrastructure will still be behind. But it will be a huge start on making our country truly Great.

Just a suggestion.